Finding the perfect suit for a Wedding

We think that for a wedding, specially your own wedding, a elegant suit would be just fine. But what is the difference between a groom who know what he is wearing and someone who has never used one in his whole life.

If the wedding happens in summer, using a black tuxedo or suit wouldn’t be the best outfit for your special day. Instead you can pick a lighter color such as blue with brown shoes or a light grey suit or even some kind of brown if you wanna make it more vintage.
Asos for example has very interesting collections which gives us some ideas of the trend for this year. But honestly, the quality it’s not the best. I personally ordered a suit and a shirt, and the quality of the fabric was horrible. However, it gave me an idea of what could fit for me.

Suit – Summer trends 2016

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So Finally, I decided for something young but elegant. I couldn’t trust many of the brands I tried, so I wen to HUGO BOSS and found lots of options from the line HUGO.


That was the best option I found, for 530€, plus the shirt which I also got from the same brand.  The fabric and the service was the best from all the stores I went.

I try to get a lot of stuff over internet, but honestly for a suit can be quite complicated, so I did it directly at the store.