Best beach style for men 2016

This year, either if you are in the city or on holidays at the beach you might want to keep having a style which fits to your personality but also with the weather conditions.
There are some basics that can never fail just try to get the proper shorts, stylish swimwear and sunglasses. Let’s start with the shorts.

Short, getting shorter.

Every year it seems that short are getting way shorter and not only for girls but also for men. But that’s ok, it doesn’t mean you are less masculine, but you’d rather try to show that you have legs in well shape. As a recommendation, you can leave those old baggy short back in your closet and instead use some short above the knee. It’s hard to get use to it, I know, but after a while you will enjoy the fresh breeze over your legs on those hot days.


You can always look like a hollywood star if you have the right sunglasses, but this will always depends of the shape of your head. Since the last 5 year, wearing Ray Ban has become the standard again, but don’t be afraid of trying new styles and other brands.


As we said before, avoid the baggy swimming pants and get some above the knee. Some people like them very short, other just right above the knee but overall try to not get them very tight.  Don’t ever wear a long board short in a pool; and maybe not even in a beach unless you are surfing.

If you want to look more stylish try to avoid crazy colours, prints and patterns; you can leave that for the spring breakers. You can be creative but using come classic/ retro trunks with plain prints.

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As we said, the length of the shorts matters a lot, that will determinate how up to date are you with the trends and also how adventured or conservative you are. You know you are not a kid any more so avoid flashy printings which might look  ridiculous now a days, so keep it simple and classic with a nice pair of shades next to the swimming pool or at the beach.

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