StyloMan is a community to help men to dress better. We are a team of stylist and curators who will find the best selections of items to wear every week based on your preferences and we will tell you where to buy those clothes for the best price.

We collect the best outfits and fashion items from the best online shops in the world and create a personal showroom for our members.
Our mission is to help men who are clueless about fashion but still want to give a good image about themselves because confidence comes from the way you look.

Not every one is the same

that’s why every recommendation which is sent to each of our members has been manually selected according to what he likes. We won’t spam you and won’t make you buy stuff that you would never think on wearing.

Our members can buy only what they like from our selections

Every week we send the new selection and they can decide if they want to buy those items or simple search from their closet stuff that would match the style we have sent.


Outfit for every day according to the local weather

We check every week the weather forecast and according the region our members come from, we will make a suggestion of what to wear each day of the week.


New Stylist are always welcome

As our community grows, we need to have more hands to help us to sort and select the best outfits from all the best online shops. Some times is a tough work but If you love and you have that stylist spirit, you are always welcome to contribute a a personal stylist for men.